Ever hear the phrase, "Squeaky wheel gets the grease"? As you know ON YOUR LEFT! Marketing & Events manages events around the country. We work with cities, large and small. One of the comments we consistently hear from them is that the number of COMPLAINTS they get are enormous. Meaning citizens and businesses are complaining about streets being closed or blocked because of an active lifestyle event. This effects you as it is one of the things that prevents us from designing new and interesting courses.

We feel a majority of these complaints are, well, "HOGWASH" because we know active lifestyle events not only raise property values, drive customers and awareness of local business and increase the quality of life for all citizens. In addition most of the events we touch are so early in the morning that impact on traffic and businesses is minimal. Stepping down from our soapbox now...

There are many more positives too, we are sure you know them but a lot of the cities are not listening (because our wheels aren't squeaky enough) so we are asking you for your help to shut down the COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT!

Yet another strange concept, we want and need to hear your COMPLIMENTS about active lifestyle events. Help us and be proactive by filling out this form after every race, even it if it is not one ON YOUR LEFT! Marketing & Events markets or manages!