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Going Green

Green Beer Gives You Wings

Mar 01, 2016 | By Michelle Chism, Slow Runner, Fast Kid Wrangler and Public Relations Consultant

Every March, at least 495 legitimate, measured and timed road races, all with a St. Patrick’s Day theme, bring runners as varied as the beer they’ll drink later to starting lines across the U.S. to run in the name of the Irish. From East coast to West coast, St Paddys Day is celebrated through running, these races are as important to community celebrations as the parades down Main Street.

While the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the United States, held in New Haven, Conn. on March 17, 1842, probably didn’t feature a 5K, sponsored by Guinness of course, as a preshow activity, we owe a debt of gratitude to community parades for opening the door to the hundreds of races that have become synonymous with the holiday.

About 35 years ago, local non-profits recognized a chance to cash in on the new popularity of road racing and already blocked city roads and, thus, shamrock runs were born.  As most people appreciate an opportunity to don green knee socks and enjoy a complimentary beer at 7:30 a.m., these races took off like pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. Today you can throw a stone and find an excuse to toast Saint Patrick at a water stop around March 17 – green beer optional.

Some of my favorite running memories are from the annual Dash Down Greenville in Dallas. I’ve dashed a PR. I’ve dashed at a hair over a snail’s pace and I’ve dashed everything in between. The pace never matters though, because in the sea of more than 5,000 runners nobody cares to overtake anyone, and everyone is trying to get to the post party. It’s a glorious run filled with leprechaun costumes and plenty of hijinks from the college kids.

If your run has become stale, may I suggest a St. Paddy’s Day run near you to refresh the soul. The air will be crisp and the palpable excitement will carry you over the miles – you’ll feel like a Kenyan. And the green beer is pretty good too. Sláinte, y’all! 

Be Noble, Follow the Rainbow & Pub Run on St. Patrick’s Day.

Tis time to dust off your green running shoes and shamrocks because the third thirstiest Thursday on March 17th is St Patrick’s Day! Everyone is Irish on this day, just wear green.

It will be the noblest of all pub runs as we take over Noble Rey Brewing in the coolest of all locations in the design district, while there may not be green beer, there will be a fun celebration of running and all things Irish.

St. Patrick was said to have used the shamrock, a three (3) leafed plant when he was explaining the holy trinity to pagan Irish people. So to honor his memory on this holiday that celebrates his life, pub runners will run or walk 3 miles on the ‘Trinity’ Strand trail. 

There will be plenty of pints o' gold at the end of the trail! Join the St. Paddy's Pub Run at Noble Rey Brewing Co. - Design District! And, there’s nothing more Irish than being with like-minded friends and sharing some brews, so the first pint o' golden suds is on us. 

The featured specialty brew is ‘Golden Rey’ with Raspberries and Ginger or select one from any standard brew on tap. Why wait for the weekend to go Irish , when the party will get started early (and on the actual holiday). Your friends will be green with envy. Pre-register for $10 at


What the Hell is a Social Run

We are sure you see them, they are everywhere! And if you haven’t participated yet, why the hell not?

Jan 16, 2016 | By Eric Lindberg

A social run is simply a run, walk or jog with a mix of friends and strangers that takes place at a pub or brewery. At OYL! our social runs are 3’ish miles and generally we have a speedy runner in front, a mid pack runner, in the middle of course, and our world famous butt pincher at the end. We also set out mile markers, water and hand you turn by turn directions of the route.

Unlike a traditional race, roads are not closed, there are no police officers, no course monitors, no timing chips and no pressure. They also don’t have a high price tag to participate. OYL! social runs range from free to $15 and each one includes at least a beer at the finish and are a lot of fun.

But don’t just take our word for it:

Jonathan Bower

JONATHAN BOWER on Form Follows Fitness 5K Social Runs presented by L.A. Fuess: It’s a pretty unique happy hour setting and allows us to get to know people outside of the office environment. You can learn more from talking to someone while running for 30 minutes than you can from spending a whole day with them in the office.

Jonah Sendelbach

JONAH SENDELBACH on Pub Run Social Runs: It is a toss-up between going to a new pub each month to run another route and enjoy frosty beverages and the loyalty program, I made it to 12 of them this year and am getting a free pair of asics shoes!

KELLY O’FARRELL on the Rahr Oktoberfest Social Runs: Social runs are a great time to make friends and socialize month! We didn't know anyone in Texas and 3 years later we have a great group of friends!

Jimmy Baggs

JIMMY BAGGS on the Santo de Mayo Social Runs: Beer. The End. I get to meet new people, I get in a great run through Houston, o and I get GREAT beer at the end! When can I go again...?


Lean, Mean 2016

Look how the You-Year is Shaping Up!

Dec 11, 2015 | By Cherilyn Wilson

In the first month of the New Year, my true love gave to me, a LA Fuess sponsored Social Run on the KATY! 

In the second month of the New Year, my true love gave to me, a complimentary Pub brew, two turtledoves (at the cupid-themed Rahr Oktoberfest 5K social run kickoff for 2016), and a Form Follows Fitness race tee designed by me!

Three kick-buttress social runs

If you have a true love for running, walking, and the great city of Dallas, then it’s time to kick your buttress into gear for the Form Follows Fitness 5K presented by Blackson Brick Company, Inc.. LA Fuess has engineered three fun social runs to give some structure to your training leading up to race day (2/20). These FREE fun runs will build a strong foundation under your fitness goals and help you over the hump by finishing off your Wednesday workdays. Mark your calendar for the first one beginning January 20th from the KATY Trail Ice House. Sign in starts at 5:30 PM and we run and/or walk 3'ish miles on The Katy Trail. After our workout, we will celebrate with two free beverages and hot appetizers all brought to you by L. A. Fuess Partners, the Dallas Center for Architecture and Form Follows Fitness 5K! Stay tuned for food and beverage specials and other details by following the Form Follows Fitness 5K Facebook Page!

Four Months til Springtime!

Fiiiiive-K Gooooolden Bliiiings!

Plano Balloon FestivalWith these five 5K’s comes some of the coolest medals you’ll earn all year. OYL! hands out award-winning bling (2014 TFEA Marketing Award for the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon “Best Merchandise” Finisher Medal) from functional, bottle opener medallions to giant spinners. Here’s 5 golden opportunities to add to your collection. 

Six months ‘til summer!

Seven Kilometers on 7/4

Join the City of Dallas and its Park and Recreation Department as we celebrate the 4th of July with the annual running of the Dallas 7/4! The event features two unique race distances including a 7K and a 4K decorated with patriotic themes.

Eight Years a Running!

August 2016 will proudly mark our 8th year in business since On Your Left! Marketing & Events was born under the name, DFWRUNS. 

Nine Months ‘til launching!

T minus nine months and counting. Can’t help but countdown to our biggest event, the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon, 5K & 1K. Nine months is the perfect gestation period to labor for these beautiful back-to-back events so head into your resolutions feet first by marking down the 9/24 – 9/25 due date! 

Rahr Oktoberfest 5KTen Months ‘til Rahr Oktoberfest!

Eleven Lederhosen Leaping 

Rahr Oktoberfest Social Run Series: Get your beer belly in shape for the Rahr Oktoberfest 5K as our ever-popular socially fun training runs take on Rahr form in 2016!

February 6: Kick Off & Cupid Shuffle – pink tortilla tacos

March 5: St. Paddy’s Day – Corned Beef anyone?

April 2: Opening Day – jerseys ballpark dogs

May 7: Cinco de Mama - Treats for moms

June 4: Father’s Day BBQ

July 2: Red, White & Brew

August 6: Pug Floats & Pancakes

September 9: Pirate Prance - Rahr-g Matey!

October 1: Rahr Oktoberfest 5K

October 29: Rahr Halloween

November 19: Turkey Trot

For the social runs $15 bucks gets you the run, hot breakfast, custom pint glass, and complimentary tasty brew samples.

Give us a hoppy head’s up you may come by clicking HERE


8:00 AM: 
Sign In

9:00 AM: 3'ish Mile Run/Walk

9:30 AM: Brewery Opens for Social Runners/Walkers Only

11:30 PM: Social Run & Brewery Tour Closed

1:00 PM: Rahr & Sons Brewery Open to the Public 

Twelve Pubs for Running

Teamed up with Dallas Sport & Social, Run On!, and Asics, every third Thirsty Thursday of each month throughout 2016 will be far from ordinary. Come taste test various breweries and pubs around the Dallas metroplex with people like you! Start the year off literally on the right foot January 21st. We will guide you on a 30-40 minute run at your own pace and then the first thirst-quencher is on us! More details and RSVP HERE

In the last months of the New Year, my true love gave to me, ZERO Prostate Cancer, and a year full of running healthy! It's not too early to check out our 2016 ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walks! This national race series is an active way to raise funds and share the hope to declare one number above others: ZERO. There is an end to prostate cancer. To receive a notification for when a Run/Walk website closest to you goes live in 2016, please sign in here.